The suggested amount of sessions varies from client to client and their goals, please 

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You can choose to book session to session, or book packages in advance (examples below). 


This typically involves:
1st session – Clarifying goals, talking through your background, starting to get a picture of your strengths, skills, interests, values, personality, and more. You would complete an online career assessment between sessions 1 & 2 to explore further
2nd Session – Debrief career assessment results, and any learnings. Start exploring any relevant careers. Self exploration between sessions (can use resources provided by Next Steps Careers)
3rd Session – Debrief any learnings from last session and any self exploration, continue exploring directions, attempt to decide on 1-5 new career directions to choose between


career explorer + pathways (5 sessions)

This typically involves:
Sessions 1, 2, & 3Similar to ‘Career Explorer package’
4th Session – Assistance with pathways to get into your chosen career/s, i.e any study required, or, if no pathways are required, start assisting with job seeking, resumes, and cover letter
5th Session – Continuing work from previous session, assistance with sourcing and enrolling in any required study, attempting to source cheapest/most efficient options, or complete job seeking, resume, and cover letters