Meet Tate Harris - Experienced & Accredited Careers Counsellor for Sydney and NSW

Next Steps Careers offers career guidance to help clients explore what job/study/career/life they might like to pursue, and understand all of the career options available to them, so they can make an informed choice on their future direction. Tate can help you unravel the overwhelm around your options, so you can confidently take your next steps

Certified, Professional Career Guidance Counsellor

With over 10 years experience in helping people discover and transition into fulfilling careers and training paths, Tate is now providing his career counselling expertise and services directly to you. 

Accredited, Experienced and Passionate, Tate specialises in: 

– Post School Transitions (ATAR & Non ATAR Pathways)
– Vocational Education and Training Pathways
– Higher Education
– Alternative Pathways & Options
– Career Exploration
– Job Seeking and Job Applying
– Resumes and Cover Letters

Expert Advice and Career Coaching for Sydney

Whether you’re looking for post school transition pathways, Professional career advice, or considering a career transition, Tate’s experience and passion will help you understand your options and lay out a path to help you achieve a career that’s right for you!

We offer a wide range of services to help you find a career and give you the best chance of landing the role. Explore our services and start your journey towards a career that inspires you today!

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